Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hospital visit

Today was my second session for my Rituximab infusion (drip). As it was my second time the infusion was going through quicker and I should have been finished an hour earlier. Ha! Not with my veins you don't.

A very important part of being attached to a drip is getting the canular into a suitable vein. Have I got a suitable vein? It doesn't seem so, or at least, I may have a suitable vein but apparently it's in hiding.

They tried to get it into the back of my right hand twice (two bruises) then my right arm twice, then my left hand once still no luck. So then the vampire nurse turns her attention to the inside of my wrist!!! Of course, the luck of the Stonehewers says that the said suitable vein is highly visible and is imminently suitable.

After nearly an hour of trying to find said suitable vein and beginning to feel like a pincushion I bravely tell them to go ahead, just do it!!! Needless to say it really hurt and I realise that I am not brave at all (though I didn't cry till I got home) just foolhardy. Now please don't think I am complaining about the nursing staff at the hospital, they are wonderful and I hold them in highest regard. It is my fault, or at least the faulting of my veins.

I shall now retire to my bed to nurse my bruises and thank my lucky stars that this treatment could possibly last for as long at twelve months!!!

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