Saturday, 30 June 2012

Not a very productive day

Well, yesterday I was thrilled to be pain free (relatively) for the first time in months due to the large dose of steroids I had whilst having my new treatment. However, my joy was short lived. By lunch time the pain was back, but this isn't unexpected, steroids don't seem to work well for me.
Today is another day and I shall just get on with it , no time to be miserable, got far too much to do. An elderly neighbour is celebrating her birthday tomorrow and I shall make some cupcakes for her to share amongst our other neighbours, also just made her birthday card which came together quite quickly whilst I was watching Andy Murray. Here it is below:

Friday, 29 June 2012

Hospital visit

Well, here I am at the hospital having my first infusion of Retuximab, thats it in the bag, and if it does what it claims then I should be relatively pain free for the next six to twelve months (if it works).

I must say that I was researching this drug on the Internet and I frightened myself, so I stopped reading after a while. Sometimes in life you just have to take that risk to get to your goal.

After a nine hour stint I have been released and am in the way home. Got a bit of a headache and am feeling a little shaky but otherwise OK.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Trip to Wales

What a day for a trip anywhere! Those with common sense would have stayed indoors where it is warm and dry. However, we had important things to deliver in Colwyn Bay. Cake boxes, table number holders and seating plan needed to be delivered as the wedding is now only 6 weeks away. Also middle grandson is 21 next week so we took a cake with his card and present. Here is a picture of the seating plan.


I am so glad this is done, I think this was harder to do than the invitations and the wedding favours, but the bride is pleased with it so I am pleased too.

After visiting the family we called at Aberkhans but I have to say that I was disappointed. I used to be able to get bags of lace off cuts from there which was very useful for my ATCs but they don't seem to do them any more.

Well, I hope the weather picks up soon, you've got to fee sorry for the people on holiday.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Good news

It's been a day or so since I was able to get to my blog. Lots of medical things going on but to cut a very long story short, I am hopefully going to start on a new medication next week. It's called Rituximab and it's given by drip. I shall have to go onto the hospital ward and it will take from 8.30am to 5pm. So my trusty Kindle will go with me and some images to colour in ready for cards later. Even so, it's going to be a long day, I'm not used to being in one place for such a long time.

Today I am going to look for a fastenator to match my wedding outfit for my grandsons wedding. The lady at the shop can actually make them so I'm quite hopeful that she will come up with something nice for me.

Friday, 15 June 2012

And still it rains!

At least the rain has made me stay indoors and finish my ATC swaps. To be fair, the weather hasn't been too bad this week and this is the first really wet day we've had.

Here are the ATCs I've done

Clip it

Five gold rings

Hands up

Gone fishing

Row house


Mark it

Vintage women


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Busy but wet Saturday

Now we have wind and rain. Not typical June weather.

Decided that as it was a washout I would do something useful and get on with the wedding stationery for our grandsons wedding.

So far I have done the invitations, place cards, RSVPs , favours and cupcake boxes. What I have left to do is table number holders, seating plan, menus and order of service. Below is a picture of the table number holder. I saw this idea somewhere months ago but they used clock fingers pointing to the table number.

I decided to go with the theme that i used for the rest of the stationery which is butterflies and the colours are plum and ivory. I'm quite pleased with it.


You need to get a book with a hard cover to enable it to stand up. This book was 50p from Wilkinsons and it originally had elastic to hold it closed. The front was printed so the first thing I had to do was cover that up.

  1. I used lightweight card stock in ivory and covered the book
  2. The butterfly is from Cheery Lynn designs and is a die cut which I cut on my Big Shot in ivory and the underwings (which is also part of the die set) was cut and coloured with the plum colour using a die based ink pad.
  3. Stick the under wings to the main body of the butterfly
  4. Place a strip of lace down the right hand side of the book and stick in place
  5. The number I cut using my Cricut machine and as I really wanted it to be chipboard so it stood out slightly I cut the number 4 times using normal weight card stock and stuck them together to get the same effect. I then coloured it with the plum colour then embossed with clear detail to make it stand out even more, then stuck it to the lace using PVA glue.
  6. Last thing I did was to stick on the butterfly.

Here is the finished book.



Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Good cake day?

Weather was not too bad this morning and early afternoon. Needless to say we were stuck inside Morrisons doing the weekly shopping.

Amy had a cake order to do so went and was able to watch her in action. She really is quite good. The very large cupcake is the one she made today and the white cake with the baby shoes she made over a week ago. How does she do it!!





Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee day

What a horrible, cold, miserable day, brightened only by the sight of the pageant making its way down the Thames. Just a few days ago we were basking in beautiful sunshine and now the central heating is back on.

During the night at some point the wind blew over our patio table and the glass top completely shattered. So if I want to sit out in the sunshine (when we see it again) we shall have to buy a new patio set. At least we haven't had to water the garden lol.