Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday lazy Sunday

I had such good intentions of getting lots done today. Alas, too much energy exerted buying craft goodies yesterday.

Hubby went to the Stoke v Bolton match and I intended to make the best use of the time to watch something on the television which was NOT sport related. However, I got engrossed with the Manchester City football match. Eeeeek! Me watching football! Something amiss there.

This evening was very pleasant, a friend and neighbour of mine always comes around on Sunday evening and we put the world to rights.

Tomorrow I have to be at the Haywood hospital for 9.30 for my monitoring appointment. I hate this, takes ages and culminates in me having blood taken. As Tony Hancock used to say 'why, that's almost an armful'. I reckon they've taken so much blood over the last four years that I could keep a blood bank going.

And's bed time.

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