Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hermione May

We've had a good run on the weather and I know we need rain but what a miserable day after all the lovely sunshine. However, I have something to cheer me up, I can look at the 4D scan of our great granddaughter Hermione. Here it is below.


Tuesday, 29 May 2012


We started the day by going to Peters uncles funeral. Uncle Bill had a good life and reached the ripe old age of 92. It was sad to see how small the family is now and also a shock when you realise that you are the older generation!

In the afternoon we went to do our shopping and got back home just in time for tea. Peter has been wanting to make a recipe he saw on the television so this evening he tried it. It's focaccia bread stuffed with pesto, roasted red peppers, ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese, and pine nuts and it's yummy. It's a two man job making it though as it does require two pairs of hands to lift it into the baking tin, it seems to have a life of its own lol.

Best thing to happen all day though was seeing our great granddaughter. Beth had a 3D scan today and the photograph is amazing. Hermione now weighs about 3lbs and has got chubby cheeks and she looks just like her uncle!

Here is a picture of the focaccia.


Monday, 28 May 2012

Swaps received from partners

I had a wonderful mail day today. A parcel from a dear friend containing craft goodies and three beautiful swaps.

Eyes by Candi Wood

What you can't see too well on the picture is that the glasses are made from gold wire.

Asian by Candi Wood

Three French Hens by Candi Wood


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Another sunny Sunday

Got to be a record for this year, warm and sunny again.
The day started well with hubby out in the garden planting bedding plants. Had lunch and he then decided he wasn't feeling well and went to bed. Am I the only person who has a husband who, when he is ill, can't describe his symptoms or is it a man thing?
Well come tea time he assured me that he was well enough to eat, especially after he'd seen the lemon meringue pie I'd baked. After the consumption of said pie plus ice cream he decided he was well enough to go out to the quiz. Miraculous recovery eh?
Now he's back from the quiz and seems to have had some form of relapse! I have to say though, he has got a streaming nose and is developing a cough and sore throat.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Another sunny day

Can't believe that a week ago we still had the central heating on during the day!

Today we decided to tackle the hanging baskets, or at least getting the plants to put in them. Went to visit two local nurseries and found them quite disappointing. So we went further afield and got everything we wanted in one go.


Two trolley loads later and we were on our way home again. Cold drink on the patio and we were ready to start. Below is the fruits of our labours so far, bear in mind that they will have to 'fill out'.




We have planted another one but it's very similar to the two already pictured. We've had tea and I thought (foolishly) that we were going outside to do more planting but footie is on the tele so no chance!


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Good shopping and mail day.

Yet another beautiful day. Spent the whole day with hubby, two daughters, granddaughter and sister in law. We went shopping at Cheshire Oaks to look for wedding outfits. We were all successful except for sister in law, poor Ann just couldn't find anything. I had a dress and jacket and was also fortunate enough to find a dress for the evening reception too!

After a successful shopping trip I arrived home to find 5 beautiful works of art in my mail. Here they are:

From Susan Kurz Let's Face It


From Susan Kurz All Tied Up


From Lynda Thornbury 4th Day of Christmas. 4 Calling Birds


From Lynda Thornbury Things in the Sky


From Lynda Thornbury Brothers



Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Summer is here at last


What a beautiful day, but how on earth do we go from cold and rain to hot and sunny within a couple of days? Daughters little dog Jeb loves the sun too as you can see from the picture of him sunbathing.  

Well, the seedlings may not have done well but the shrubs are, just look at this beautiful red Broom. I think this is my favourite but unfortunately it's a spring flowering shrub so I have to content myself with taking pictures of it while it's in bloom.

Friday, 18 May 2012


I was quite eager to start on my new medication this morning. One hour after taking it I began to feel ill, we will skip over the following two hours. They made me really Ill. I had to ring the hospital and they told me to stop taking them immediately. They will ring me next week when they've asked the doctor what to do. I can save them the problem of thinking, I'm just NOT taking them!!! No way!

When I had recovered sufficiently to have a small amount of soup for lunch I started to think about medication and it's long term effects. Seems to me that sometimes the cure can be worse than the illness.

We have four hanging baskets waiting to be planted up. When on earth are we going to get it done, it's raining again! Surely we can't be short of water now.

Swaps received in the last 2 weeks from my swap partners in Amadcraftersattic

Anything goes by Blue Wolf


Embellish it by Ann Pennington

Buttons and bows by Susan Kurz

Diamonds are a girls best friend by Lynda Thornbury

Fancy dress by Susan Kurz

Diva by Karla Jackson

Bears by Blue Wolf

4 calling birds by Rena Sawatski

Spring by Tracy Edwards

Floral by Blue Wolf


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hospital visit

Busy, busy day today. Hospital appointment this morning, needless to say most of the morning taken up with this. There was a funny incident during this visit. We were going to a health centre we've never been to before and walked into the wrong building. We'd walked into the sexually transmitted diseases clinic lol. I reckon we'd have been their oldest customers. We went out for a pub lunch which was delicious. Came back home and sorted one or two things in the garden and in no time at all it was time for tea. Set up a new laptop for hubby and now here we are, nearly bed time! Why is it that once you retire the days simply fly by. However did I find time to go to work?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

May swaps for Amadcraftersattic

I've sent out my swaps today for my swap group. I've photographed them and will give a brief description of how I've done each one, hopefully to remind me of what I've done later. My memory is terrible!


Things in the sky

I stamped the stars with Versamark onto black glossy card stock then dusted with pearlex gold and green. The image of the woman was stamped with Versamagic onto white card stock, cut out and stuck onto the act.

Four calling birds for the 12 days of Christmas swap

I used ivory card stock for this one. Two shades of distress ink swiped onto a worksheet and spritzed with water, then placed the card stock onto the inks and twisted. Dried immediately. The image of the birds on the telephone was found by doing a google search. I printed this and cut it out. I used stormy skies distress ink to stamp the trees then stuck the birds on top. The musical notes were drawn freehand.

Embellish it

The iris was stamped onto the cardstock with Versamark then embossed with clear detail. The background was done in exactly the same way as the atc above using crushed olive and shabby shutters. I dried it with a heat gun then removed the ink lying on top of the embossing by carefully wiping with a damp tissue. I stamped Simply Amazing in the top left hand corner and added the plastic butterfly which was the embellishment.


The cardstock used for this atc was packaging from a die which I purchased recently and I liked the crackle pattern on it. The stamp was from the craft fair last year and I cannot for the life of me remember who makes it. I stamped it onto ivory cardstock with Versamagic black and cut it out then stuck it to the card. The Brothers was printed on the printer. I used tea stain to distress the edges of it before sticking it down then I distressed the edges of the card to match.

All tied up

I'm not sure whether or not you can see this but I have wrapped gold thread all around the atc. I stamped the leaf stamp onto ivory cardstock (I like ivory) with sepia Versamagic onto a scrap of scrapbook paper with gold lines running down it. I then glued the buttons on using my hot glue gun. The stamp is from Crafty Individuals.



My favourite background yet again lol. Mustard seed and marigold distress inks. Stamped the floral and butterfly stamp (Crafty Individuals) with black momentous ink. I coloured the roses with Tombow pens. The blue German scrap was a bargain from the craft fair.


I'm not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to distress inks and love to use them for backgrounds. This background was done with my usual technique using crushed olive and mustard seed then I laid a mask onto it and lightly sprayed with adirondack colour wash. The bird was stamped onto it using the crushed olive again, I didn't want it to stand out too much. The butterfly is a cheery Lynn die and I cut it out of golf cardstock.

Anything Goes

Nothing different for the background, distress inks but different colours. The stamps are all a nautical theme from Stamping Up. I used 4 different stamps to create a collage style atc.


Monday, 14 May 2012


I thought I would share this photograph of our daughters little dog. His name is Jeb and he is a rather large Yorkshire terrier. He has a slight identity problem. He doesn't know he's a dog! The way he is lying in the picture is the way he lies on your knee.


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday lazy Sunday

I had such good intentions of getting lots done today. Alas, too much energy exerted buying craft goodies yesterday.

Hubby went to the Stoke v Bolton match and I intended to make the best use of the time to watch something on the television which was NOT sport related. However, I got engrossed with the Manchester City football match. Eeeeek! Me watching football! Something amiss there.

This evening was very pleasant, a friend and neighbour of mine always comes around on Sunday evening and we put the world to rights.

Tomorrow I have to be at the Haywood hospital for 9.30 for my monitoring appointment. I hate this, takes ages and culminates in me having blood taken. As Tony Hancock used to say 'why, that's almost an armful'. I reckon they've taken so much blood over the last four years that I could keep a blood bank going.

And's bed time.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Port Sunlight

Back from a wonderful day at Port Sunlight. Arrived there at about 11am and it was absolutely packed! We managed to get to the front of the queue at Lili 'o the Valley stand. Love their stamps and eventually bought 5. My other large purchase was a set of Spellbinder dies then just bits and pieces. I have enough to keep me good and out of mischief for quite a while. And now...........bed.

Early birthday card


This is a birthday card which I made in a hurry last night for a neighbour whose birthday I thought was today. Wrong! It's next Saturday lol. Never mind, makes a change to be early.

Off to the craft show at Port Sunlight today with my friend Tracy, twice a year is not enough for a dedicated craft shopper!

Friday, 11 May 2012

I really do craft in a cupboard

I decided that I would show you a picture of my cupboard to prove that I actually do craft in a cupboard as in the title of my blog.



Oh well, can't be helped

I have fallen down on my promise already! I do have an excuse however. My hands just won't do what I want them to any more and I was having great difficulty picking up my laptop, so I have invested in an iPad. I have to say, after spending 2 days getting used to it, I am really pleased. Took some mental adjustments but I'm getting there.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Good intentions

I intend to blog at least once a week. I strongly suspect that I may fall by the wayside at some point but at the moment I am feeling quite enthusiastic. Really looking forward to going to Port Sunlight to the craft show on Saturday. Usually make a bee line for lili 'o the valley stamps and I've already been to the website and spotted several new ones I like. I am now wondering how many more stamps in CD cases can be stored in my 'cupboard'. I shall have a tidy up and take a photograph of it so that you will see that I actually do craft in a cupboard.


I saw this pattern for a pincushion on Pinterest and thought I would give it a go. Really enPjoyed making it and I'm sure the friend I have made it for will appreciate it. Here is the link for the tutorial