Monday, 3 September 2012

August ATC swaps


8 maids a milking

Bird in a gilded cage

Your numbers up

Embossed background




Tag multi media swap


Friday, 17 August 2012

A week of enjoyment and beautiful surprises

We travelled back home from the wedding in Wales at a leisurely pace. Had a lovely time, got home, unpacked, put a load of washing in and settled down with the thought that we could rest for about two weeks before the next excitement of our great granddaughter arriving.


We rested for.....let's see, well till seven am on Wednesday morning when we got the call to tell us that Hermione May had been born!! She weighed in at seven pounds odd and is the most beautiful baby ever !


Monday, 30 July 2012


At last the great day came and we all had a really good time. The night before was interesting as we didn't fancy eating in the hotel so we went in search of a pub meal. Impossible on Saturday night! So we ended up (5 of us) eating fish and chips in our car in Rhyl.

Our grandson was a star. He cried when he saw his bride so we all cried with him. Then he cried while giving his speech at the reception so we all cried again, we were running out of tissues.

First dance


Aunt and nephew Amy and Liam

Sisters Sarah and Amy




Saturday, 28 July 2012

Wedding eve

It's here at last and we arrived at the hotel at about 5pm. Nice room and quite large. We found Lauren (the bride) and took the posting box, order of service and menus ready for tomorrow.

We then decided we needed something to eat so we went in search of a pub meal. Saturday night is not the right time to get a meal without booking lol. We ended up eating fish and chips in the car with sister in law and brother in law and my sister angela. I dread to think what the car will smell like in the morning lol.

So now we are turning in for the night ready to face a long day tomorrow.



Thursday, 26 July 2012

Countdown to the big day

Well, we're nearly there but I have definitely finished the wedding stationery. The thank you note cards were the very last things to be done. Feels like I've been doing this stationery for years, it's become part of my life lol.



Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Still preparing

Still preparing for the big day. A first for me, today I had my nails done, gel ones I may add. My own nails have suffered due to the medication and this seemed the sensible way to deal with the problem. So happy with the result even if I am 25 pounds lighter in my pocket.



Monday, 23 July 2012

I've really finished!!!

At last I've reached the end of all the wedding stationery and with six days to spare too. The last item was a wedding posting box in ivory. I only found out at the last minute that the card was textured so I couldn't stamp onto it so i had to stamp, emboss and then cut out each individual butterfly.



Sunday, 15 July 2012

Nearly finished

I've nearly finished all the wedding stationery for my grandson Liam's wedding on the 29th of this month.

58 order of service done today (see pic below). Just have 15 menus to do and the posting box. Thought I was going to be doing these the night before lol.



Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hospital visit

Today was my second session for my Rituximab infusion (drip). As it was my second time the infusion was going through quicker and I should have been finished an hour earlier. Ha! Not with my veins you don't.

A very important part of being attached to a drip is getting the canular into a suitable vein. Have I got a suitable vein? It doesn't seem so, or at least, I may have a suitable vein but apparently it's in hiding.

They tried to get it into the back of my right hand twice (two bruises) then my right arm twice, then my left hand once still no luck. So then the vampire nurse turns her attention to the inside of my wrist!!! Of course, the luck of the Stonehewers says that the said suitable vein is highly visible and is imminently suitable.

After nearly an hour of trying to find said suitable vein and beginning to feel like a pincushion I bravely tell them to go ahead, just do it!!! Needless to say it really hurt and I realise that I am not brave at all (though I didn't cry till I got home) just foolhardy. Now please don't think I am complaining about the nursing staff at the hospital, they are wonderful and I hold them in highest regard. It is my fault, or at least the faulting of my veins.

I shall now retire to my bed to nurse my bruises and thank my lucky stars that this treatment could possibly last for as long at twelve months!!!

Fastenator day!

My grandson is getting married in two weeks time and my outfit was almost complete but I didn't have a hat.

Sorry about the misleading photograph but I had to balance it on a vase.

Now I'm not really a hat person but felt that I really needed something. So I went to a tiny stall in our local indoor market and she made me a fastenator which she matched with my dress and jacket. I'm absolutley delighted with it, here it is. Just proof that supporting the small business pays off.




Sunday, 8 July 2012

New multi media swap

On Amadcraftersattic yahoo group we have decided to expand from just ATCs and do other swaps which include a multi media tag swap. Here is my first attempt at a large tag, the theme is Fairies.



My June ATCs

Got these done, scanned and posted out to my partners then realised I'd scanned them inside the plastic pockets, do not good pics.

Writing instruments

Stained glass

Six geese a laying

Pin up girl

Vintage lady

Green with envy

All about paper


Friday, 6 July 2012

At last we did it!

I have never seen so much rain in 24 hours, but it's so warm and humid. Definitely not summer weather.

After watching a splendid Wimbledon semi final we decided it was time to get out the pork and make the sausages which we have been wanting to make for ages.

We are now just sitting down at one am having been on our feet all evening stuffing home made sausage meat into skins. My back aches, my feet ache and Peters arm aches but we have made 75 sausages. It was probably cheaper to go and buy them but at least this way we know what's in them.



Saturday, 30 June 2012

Not a very productive day

Well, yesterday I was thrilled to be pain free (relatively) for the first time in months due to the large dose of steroids I had whilst having my new treatment. However, my joy was short lived. By lunch time the pain was back, but this isn't unexpected, steroids don't seem to work well for me.
Today is another day and I shall just get on with it , no time to be miserable, got far too much to do. An elderly neighbour is celebrating her birthday tomorrow and I shall make some cupcakes for her to share amongst our other neighbours, also just made her birthday card which came together quite quickly whilst I was watching Andy Murray. Here it is below: